This Book is Not Good for You…

A strange title for a book right? Well that’s what grabbed my attention when I first glanced at it. As I was scanning through the hundreds of books on the shelves in the library, I noticed this one book and the title is the first thing that made me pick it up. It wasn’t the appearance, the colours or even the pictures but just the heading that caught my eye. That’s the thing about people, it’s just human nature to want to do something or touch something they shouldn’t, like: BEWARE DO NOT PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON or do not open this glowing box whatever you do. Everyone wants to press that button or open the box, because it’s intriguing. When I looked at the blurb the word WARNING just stood out to me because it was big and bold. I mean a lot of the words just sprang out to me, such as; irresistibleadventure, DEADLYsecrets. These words being full of mystery made me want to read the book and find out what that secret is about; what could be SO deadly and dangerous in that book that I don’t know about… 

Well stay tuned to find out more about the book and make sure you follow me if you haven’t.


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