This Book is Not Good for You – By Pseudonymous Bosch Review

ImageA cursed Aztec artifact, an evil and deranged chef, a secret jungle lair full of cocoa-crazed monkeys, and the most dangerous chocolate ever created…

Sounds like a crazy adventure right? Well, it is.  The book focuses on three middle-school children Cass and her two closest friends Max-Ernest and Yoyoji. They were going to go on such a mad journey that they didn’t even realize what was coming their way. Cass, the survivalist and main protagonist, is ready for any situation. She has big, pointy ears that turn red when she’s embarrassed or mad. She lives with her stepmother, Melanie, but never actually calls her as her own mother. She has two strange grandfathers, Larry and Wayne, who collect junk and have a store in an old firehouse filled with things of all sorts: plumbing equipment, teddy bears and toy mice, pest control, old antique items and much more. Max-Ernest was Cass’ best friend and partner who knows lots of useless facts and is allergic to almost everything (you should read the book to find out more about this because it isn’t exactly true). His parents divorced because they couldn’t decide what his name should be, one parent thought of Max and other Ernest; hence the name Max-Ernest. They decided to live together but then cut the house in half, and his dad moved across the street. The other friend Yoyoji is Cass’ Japanese classmate who spent one year in Japan. He always wears neon sneakers and Max-Ernest doesn’t really know what to make of him.


Now let me introduce you to the Terces Society. This is a secret group that keeps a mysterious secret, from being stolen from the enemy called The Midnight Sun. All of these members make up what the society is all about. Adventure. As the story begins to unfold, Cass realises that she can’t trust no one but herself and when she meets the strangest of people; things start to get pretty suspicious.

The main reason that made me want to carry on reading the book is because it is very talkative, by using different sizes of text and different kinds of fonts. By talking to the reader, the author tries to involve them and that’s one of the things I enjoy when reading a book: engaging the reader. I would rate this book 7.5 out of 10 because frankly it is very interesting and I would recommend it to all those people who like reading adventurous and entertaining books; this book will take you on a ride you will never forget…


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