The Hobbit: An Unexpected Letdown

After watching The Hobbit I was greatly disappointed by it and would say it includes a few good points but many bad. This film is extremely dragging and the story only starts when it gets nearer to the end. The film is about how one man called Bilbo Baggins goes on a journey with a group of spirited dwarves to get back land from a Dragon called Smaug. As the journey goes on, the story gets more boring. One good thing about this film is the cinematography and graphics, the different creatures and the scenery is excellent and believable. One creature that stayed in my mind was the little alien thing that Bilbo had met in the tunnel, his voice was encapturing and his big blue eyes mesmerized me.

Alien Creature: Gollum

Peter Jackson must have not thought this film through and clearly the story has been rushed because of the poor film idea. The disappointment for me was that the ending is a cliff hanger and the motive of them catching the dragon was not even in the film, but will be coming in their upcoming film. The real story hasn’t even started yet! I do hope that the sequel to this film will be even better than I expect it to be, but I won’t be having high hopes on it. Some scenes made me jump especially the battling scenes, for example the one where they were fighting all of the goblins, because of the amazing cgi effects.

Gandalf Vs Goblin

Overall, I would rate this film 5/10 because frankly, I was let down by the storyline, although the acting and cinematography is what made me give it a 5, otherwise it should have been lower. Hopefully, their future film(s) will be better than this one.


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